Jacob and Brita

Henry turned 15 months today, or for those of you keeping score in years that is 1.25 years. He continues to show off his unique personality and has even become a bit of a daredevil with his climbing on the furniture.

One of Henry’s favorite things to do is turning anything that has wheels into a scooter that he can ride. He has even tried to ramp his real scooter off the front porch. Good thing Dad was there to catch him before he caught some air. We always know when it is time to go outside because Henry will bring us our shoes and lead us by the hand to the door. He even will sit still long enough with his own shoes and wait patiently until we put them on him.

Henry’s love of tomatoes continues which is a good thing since we have a whole garden full of cherry tomatoes about to turn red. We also found out that Henry likes the taste of floam…or at least we found what he couldn’t digest.

Henry isn’t quite talking yet but we were going out the front door with a bottle full of bubbles and Henry could kind of say bubbles. He is babbling up a storm and it is rarely quiet in the house these days.

Despite a case of hand foot and mouth, Henry turned 14 months today. Surprisingly he was up for a photo even though he can’t join his friends at daycare.

Henry has all sorts of new tricks these days. He loves to mow the driveway with his toy lawnmower. He discovered a secret love for bratwursts and hardly a meal goes by with out him demanding some tomatoes. His walking is becoming inscreasingly stable so much to so that he is trying to run when he feels like it.

Speaking of walking, he has figured out that when we put our shoes on it typically means we are going somewhere. He sometimes encourages us by giving us our shoes.

Henry graduated to the toddler room in daycare this month and the transition has been pretty smooth. They are so much more active than in the infant room and he comes home pretty tired.

Some of his favorite things to do include riding scooters, playing outside on the slide and swinging. One fancy new trick is that he has figured out how to wave to everyone when he comes and goes. He liked it so much that he did it when we went up for communion at church.

Tulip Time is in the books and Henry took in all the sights and sounds. We did withhold the Dutch treats from him though until he gets a little older and can truly enjoy things like poffertjes and Dutch tacos.

We enjoyed part of one of the parades. Little does Henry know but the parade will be identical next year. The great weather meant huge crowds so it was a chore to move around with the stroller in tow. All that said, Henry took it all in stride and even managed to let us a snap a few photos.

Henry had his first haircut today. It wasn’t getting too ridiculously long but it was starting to curl in the back. In typical Henry fashion, he was very skeptical of the whole process but was surprisingly well behaved during the whole ordeal. He didn’t opt for the mohawk but he does look less like a baby and more like a little boy.

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter with family today. Both sides of the family made it to Pella to celebrate with us. We had a nice spring day and even some of the tulips thought it was worth coming out too.

Henry was a bit overwhelmed with all of the people that were visiting but he eventually warmed up to everyone and had a great day of fun, food and family. He even enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs out on the lawn.

Henry had his first birthday today. He enjoyed a small birthday party with some great family friends as a warm-up to the Easter weekend. One of the highlights of the day was having his first taste of birthday cake. In proper Henry fashion, he was skeptical and cautious at first but then dove right in. We aren’t sure how much of the cake he actually ate but he sure did make a mess.

Henry turned one today. Just this week he has switched from crawling to walking as his preferred method of transport. Although we’ve found that for some reason he isn’t so sure about walking in the grass and goes out of his way to avoid it.

Henry’s favorite things to do include playing under the kitchen table and the chairs at the island in the kitchen. He has become quite the eater. Some of his favorite foods include asparagus, strawberries and pickles.

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