Jacob and Brita

Henry turned five months old today. He continues to grow and develop a great personality. His giggles and laughs as he figures things are really fun to watch.

Henry has taken a liking to Krinkle Bear this past month with big smiles whenever he sees him. He continues to working on his crawling and is getting a pretty good scootch together. He also is working on his baby yoga with more downward dogs than anyone could possible handle.


Jacob hosted his bike race again this past weekend. He had over 300 race entries across two days of racing which is a record turn out for the race. Every year the race gets a little bigger and little more than one person can handle. Even with all of the teammates helping it is a full weekend with an exhausted family when the dust settles.

Henry joined in the fun for a couple of hours of both days to take in his first bike race. We don’t know how much he enjoyed the bicycling part, but he sure loved being out and about with all of the people.


We made a quick trip down to Kansas City for Labor Day with Henry. Saturday morning was pretty eventful starting off with an earthquake in Oklahoma that we could feel all the way in Pella. Neither of us can recall ever being able to feel an earthquake so it was a memorable experience.

Once we made it to Kansas City we enjoyed some time with Jacob’s family. The neighbors even let us borrow their swing for Henry to use. He sure did love that swing. He was all giggles when we put him in and while he was swinging.

Henry continues to grow. We took him to the doctor for a checkup last Friday and they are pleased with everything. He tipped the scales at 15 pounds and was 26 inches long. Basically he is tall and skinny at this point. He also got his immunizations and really didn’t get too upset about it. His biggest complaint was that we were holding him down. I guess that is a good thing.

It was Jacob’s birthday this weekend and we celebrated with dinner out as a family. Henry is at an age where he is still intrigued when we go into new places including restaurants.

Henry must have been excited about Dad’s birthday because he was all smiles this weekend.


Henry turned four months old today. He is growing into his personality and is becoming really fun. He’s really getting good at holding his head up and looking around. He’s working really hard on learning to crawl and is starting to scoot around when he gets really ambitious.

Some of his favorite things to do include rolling over, smiling at Mom and Dad (or anyone that will smile back at him) and playing with some his toys. He also is a gigler when he is really happy.


Henry started day care this past week. He seemed to really enjoy it and meeting all of his new friends. In fact they must have run him pretty hard because he fell asleep before we even got out of the parking lot most of the days we picked him up.

We’ve been really happy with our daycare provider. They have an app that keeps us up to date all day long and they also post a few pictures when they can. One day, when we picked him up, they had him in the child buggy with some of the other kids and he was just giggling and smiling and having a really good time.

Unfortunately, Henry also ended up with an ear infection and was pretty miserable over the weekend. The doctor put him on some bubble gum flavored medicine. We’re not sure how much actually goes down but he seems to be on the mend.


We finally had to say goodbye to Jacob’s little blue car this weekend. It’s been quite a traumatic experience for him. Admittedly it wasn’t the best car for his lifestyle, but it sure worked really well.

We replaced little blue with a boring, white, non-descript Subaru Legacy. It doesn’t have all the features we wanted but it will carry Henry in the back seat. It is less sporty than what he had, but it should handle the Iowa winters much better than little blue.

The  whole car buying experience took so much time which reminds us why we try to buy cars as infrequently as possible. Hopefully this one will last as long as little blue.

We had a relatively low key week this past week. Everyone is in the swing of summer and enjoying the heat and thick Iowa humidity. The garden is even starting to produce some tomatoes.

Henry surprised us today with a new trick. Brita was all set to sleep in and Jacob was going to take the morning shift with Henry. After playing for a bit, Henry got settled in his play yard, then he proceeded to repeatedly roll over from his back to his tummy. Jacob let him do it a couple more times before waking Brita to come see the spectacle. Thinking this was just a happy Henry in the morning trick, we were surprised that he kept it up all day long. Rolling back over isn’t quite as consistent but he’ll get there soon no doubt.

We are pretty excited with the new trick but it looks like we are going to have to step up the baby proofing efforts.


We had our three year anniversary today. It’s been a really great three years and this past year marked a lot of life changes. We moved into a new house and we added to the family. Henry has really been a blessing and we can’t wait to see him grow up. Not to worry, we are still enjoying every minute with him now. Even at 2 a.m.

We marked the date with a trip out to Henry’s daycare to get acquainted with all of their procedures. As much as we’d like to spend all of our time with Henry, it will be really good for him to interact with kids his own age. It’s also crazy all of the little things that they do to keep parents up to date. We don’t think our parents had an app to keep them informed of what is going on at daycare.

It wasn’t all Henry today though. We went to have a nice dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. Henry tagged along and was really good the whole time. It was a great day for all of us.


Henry had his three month birthday today. We celebrated with some of Jacob’s friends that were in town and their two kiddos.

Henry continues to learn new things. He is discovering how to work his hands, scoot around on his back and grab his blanket. He has learned how to use his tongue to lick his blanket as well. We don’t think it tastes the best but Henry doesn’t mind. He continues to practice his talking.

His favorite thing is to look at Mom and Dad and give us smiles. We don’t mind.

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