Jacob and Brita

Henry continues to be gaining weight. We unofficially and unscientifically weighed him on the bathroom scale this week and he is tipping the scales at around 10 pounds.

With the extra weight he seems to be sleeping better at night. He has been stretching things out to three and four hour stints. That makes Mom and Dad really happy.


We are getting back into the swing of normal with Jacob going back to work this week. Henry is also getting into the routine and getting better at falling back asleep at night. 

Henry is doing really well. He even surprised us by rolling from his tummy to his back twice this week. We are thinking that is just fluke though so we won’t check that off the list just yet.

Henry is also getting better control of his limbs and is enjoying playing in his play yard with the dangling critters.

In other news, we have a baptism scheduled for May 28. We are excited for this first milestone.


Henry passed the one month mark today. He is in good health and his favorite things include keeping mom and dad awake at night, playing in his play yard and snuggles at 2 a.m.


Another week is in the books. We are still learning how to be parents and Henry is keeping us honest. Our big challenge this week was a growth spurt that made little man want to eat about every hour. We managed through it though and things are going much better today.

We are still picking up tips here and there. Our good friends Micah and Kristen came through with some huge tips that really seem to be helping with the overnight hours.

We also had a chance this week to take Henry to a photographer and get some newborn photos. He did surprising well considering the change in scenery. Below is a small sample:


Spring has really sprung in Pella and this past week we had some really nice weather. We even had a chance to take Henry up to see the tulips. He was moderately impressed but mostly asleep.

Little man is doing well. He passed his first checkup this week. Eating is getting easier and sleeping is starting to come along. At least we hope.

Henry also made the trip to church this weekend with us. He actually did really well; he slept most of the way through mass. Hopefully he doesn’t get too used to that.


Henry had his one week checkup today. The doc had mostly good news for us in that Henry is almost back to his birth weight and we no longer have to supplement his feeding. Unfortunately he is only in the 11th percentile for his weight.

The doc also shared that he was in the 14th percentile for head circumference. I guess we won’t have to worry about him getting a big head.

The surprising news is that he is in the 71st percentile for height. Those genes must skip a generation.


Jacob’s father and sister came up to meet Henry today. Because it was so close to Tulip Time, they got the added bonus of checking out some of Pella’s finest tulips.

While they only stayed for the day, both of them enjoyed meeting Henry. Sarah was excited to to hold the little man and his father got to meet his new grandson. Henry must have tuckered Sarah out though as they both took long naps in the afternoon.

Henry is growing and learning new things every day. Little things like eating and sleeping are getting easier as we establish a routine.


After three days in the hospital recovering, they released us into the real world.

We had a pretty rough last night in the hospital when they ran out of rooms in the OB department and moved us to a new room at midnight. We ended up with just a couple hours of sleep that night and we recognized we would need some help when we got home. Brita called her parents and they came down to help us make the transition home.

With Brita’s C-section and recovery being a bit more involved than normal, it has been helpful to have her parents help out at the house. Even Henry has enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa around to snuggle with.



Henry is here! We had to wait a bit extra and it was well worth it!

It was quite an eventful delivery. We started the induction process on Monday and things progressed through the night. On Tuesday morning we went through the normal procedures. Henry didn’t fit quite right and so at 2:15 p.m. he was born via a C-section.

Brita and baby are doing well and everyone is happy and healthy.

Car Seat

The baby’s due date is just around the corner and we think we are all ready. We had a lazy Sunday morning that included probably one of the last meals out without the baby.

We did take 30 minutes to get the car seat installed so we could bring the baby home. Apparently letting the baby ride on your lap is frowned upon these days. The car seat looks pretty comfy so maybe the baby will prefer that anyway.

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