Jacob and Brita

Henry turned seven months today. He continues to grow and learn new things at an amazing rate.

Some of Henry’s favorite things to do include pulling himself up on the couch, play with the Zany Zoo and going for rides in the laundry basket. Amazingly Henry has also figured out how to toddle behind the laundry basket when we push it. It really is quite impressive that he has figured how walking works at just seven months.

We continue to experiment with foods. Squash seems to be a big hit but he doesn’t think he likes carrots all that much.

Henry had a wonderful Halloween dressing up as a teddy bear. We were anticipating much colder weather so he was a bit warm in the 7o degree heat. He enjoyed handing out candy to the neighborhood kids and while he didn’t have any of his own candy, he did share with Mom and Dad.

Henry has almost fully recovered from his surgery. Although he is a bit sore, he is certainly back to the old Henry.

We decided to give Henry a taste of real food and started him on some mashed up squash. He wasn’t so sure about it at the start, but warmed up to it and even enjoyed it. 

Henry also has learned to blow raspberries thanks to Grandpa Miles. Henry can’t get enough of it. When he isn’t doing that, he’s pulling up himself up on about anything he can find.

Henry made it through a surgical procedure to fix his hydrocele, a hernia-like problem. The surgeon reported things went well after he completed the surgery. Once Henry made it out of surgery he proceeded to get sick on mom a couple of times. The experts didn’t seem to think that was cause for concern and released us. 

Before we made it to the interstate, Henry decided to get sick again in the car. So we made a quick call back to ambulatory surgery. They sent us to the ER and we worked through them to make sure Henry was in good shape. The surgical resident decided it was best that we stay the night in the hospital for observation. 

When we moved up to our room for the night we were greeted with a screaming baby in a shared room. Henry didn’t seem to mind at the time, but got his payback later that night when he was the screaming baby. Grandma was there to walk the halls with Henry to keep him calm while Mom tried to catch a little bit of sleep.

In the end, the doctors think he was nauseous from the anesthesia and that caused him to get sick.

They released Henry Tuesday morning and everyone made the trip to Pella. Now that Henry is home, he is on the mend and in pretty good spirits. We have even had some smiles. They expect him to be fully recovered in a couple of weeks.

Henry turned six months old today! He is growing so fast and learning so much everyday.

Some of his favorite things right now are army crawling everywhere he wants to go, swinging in his swing, chasing toys and clapping with mom and dad. He is starting to learn how to sit up and is babbling when he is in the mood. We’ve even caught him trying to pull himself up when the situation arises. He is such a happy baby.

We are looking forward to starting some solid foods and hopefully some longer stretches of sleep at night.

Brita had a conference in Cedar Rapids this past weekend so we made the trek up to see her family and run some other errands. Jacob met a former co-worker for lunch and also had a chance to make it to Anamosa to see the motorcycles at the National Motorcycle Museum.

Henry seemed to enjoy the trip since he got some new toys and a chance to play with Grandma and Grandpa. He continues to be exploring everything he can and is becoming pretty good at motoring around with his army crawl.

It was homecoming at Central this past weekend. We got Henry all dressed up and ready to see all the sights on campus. Friday night he enjoyed the lemming race with a look of confusion only an infant can provide.  Saturday we took in the football game and enjoyed the great fall weather.

Henry turned five months old today. He continues to grow and develop a great personality. His giggles and laughs as he figures things are really fun to watch.

Henry has taken a liking to Krinkle Bear this past month with big smiles whenever he sees him. He continues to working on his crawling and is getting a pretty good scootch together. He also is working on his baby yoga with more downward dogs than anyone could possible handle.

Jacob hosted his bike race again this past weekend. He had over 300 race entries across two days of racing which is a record turn out for the race. Every year the race gets a little bigger and little more than one person can handle. Even with all of the teammates helping it is a full weekend with an exhausted family when the dust settles.

Henry joined in the fun for a couple of hours of both days to take in his first bike race. We don’t know how much he enjoyed the bicycling part, but he sure loved being out and about with all of the people.

We made a quick trip down to Kansas City for Labor Day with Henry. Saturday morning was pretty eventful starting off with an earthquake in Oklahoma that we could feel all the way in Pella. Neither of us can recall ever being able to feel an earthquake so it was a memorable experience.

Once we made it to Kansas City we enjoyed some time with Jacob’s family. The neighbors even let us borrow their swing for Henry to use. He sure did love that swing. He was all giggles when we put him in and while he was swinging.

Henry continues to grow. We took him to the doctor for a checkup last Friday and they are pleased with everything. He tipped the scales at 15 pounds and was 26 inches long. Basically he is tall and skinny at this point. He also got his immunizations and really didn’t get too upset about it. His biggest complaint was that we were holding him down. I guess that is a good thing.

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