Jacob & Brita

July 20, 2013

Pella, Iowa

Meet Brita

Brita grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She competed in gymnastics in elementary and high school. While attending Iowa State University she got to study abroad in Caceres, Spain and travel through Europe. After college she has taught elementary Spanish, 6th grade, reading support and now 4th grade in Ankeny. Brita enjoys spending her time reading and travelling with Jacob.

Meet Jacob

Jacob grew up in Liberty, a suburb of Kansas City. After graduating high school, Jacob went to Central College in Pella. While at Central he spent a semester in Carmarthen, Wales studying abroad. After graduating Jacob worked in Cedar Rapids for a year before returning to work at Central College. Jacob continues to actively participate in his bike racing hobby travelling all over the Midwest to race.


Our Story

How we met

June 26, 2010 in Cedar Rapids. Jacob was racing his bike at the Iowa State Criterium Championships. After racing, Jacob and his teammates were grabbing dinner and drinks at a local eatery. Deisha, a friend of the couple was on the lookout for Jacob and found a nice table of young women to introduce Jacob to. Brita was out with her friends, Jen and Susie, that same evening. After much coercing and encouragement by both of their friends the couple had a nice long conversation and were surprised to find out they had a lot in common. Jacob returned to Pella and Brita back to her native Marion. Jacob came back the following weekend for their first official date, pawning it off as a visit to a friend. While Brita was not fooled, she did enjoy Zoey's Pizza, "live Jazz" and a walk at Ellis Park where they enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Jacob even splurged for ice cream on that first date which has become a regular tradition for the couple.

Jacob and Brita

The engagement

Jacob planned an all day date in Des Moines. It included an attempt at riding a tandem around Gray's lake. Little did they know that you can't rent tandems at the lake anymore and that the rental facility closes if there is a raindrop in a 150-mile radius. After abandoning that plan, they went to Jasper Winery for a wine tasting and enjoyed a nice bottle of a Edelweiss in a beautiful blue bottle. After hurrying to finish the bottle, like good Catholics, they went to church at the Basilica of St. John's. Following the service, they went to Fong's pizza in Des Moines where they enjoyed a pizza with a little Asian twist. With full tummies, they went to Raccoon River Park to enjoy a favorite past-time of the couple, a long walk along the river and a wonderful sunset. Being so close to a Cheesecake Factory, they made sure to enjoy a nice slice of cheese cake before heading to Gray's Lake for a nice walk along their favorite lighted bridge. Jacob was sure to figure out how many times they would go around the loop so that he knew the exact, perfect time and place to officially start their future together.

Jacob and Brita at the sculpture park in Des Moines

Wedding Details


July 20, 2013, 2 p.m.


The wedding ceremony will take place at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Pella, Iowa.

Reception at Bos Landen Golf Course at 5:30 p.m.

What are we eating?

Parmesan Chicken or Savory Spiced Beef
Creamy cheese mashed potatoes
Steamed sweet corn
Traditional lettuce salad
Dinner Roll

How to get there

The closest major airport is Des Moines International (airport code: DSM) with most flights connecting through Chicago. Driving directions to Pella can be found here.

The Royal Amsterdam hotel just off the scenic Mollengracht canal has special rates for anyone booking before July 1, just mention the Oyen-Miles wedding as you make your reservations. Be sure to make reservations early as most of the hotel will be booked for our party.

What to do in Pella

The small town of Pella, Iowa has a lot to see and do.

Do keep in mind that Pella is a traditional community and many businesses are closed on Sunday.

Meet the Wedding Party


Kyle Fleener
Jacob met Kyle as a junior at Central College while they were running cross-country together. When they weren't playing pranks on The Henge they were making the most of their college experience. After graduating, their relationship grew as they both explored the world of endurance sports and competing in duathlons and bike races together. Kyle works as an accountant in Minnesota.

Brett "The Henge" Van Waus
A true gentleman and friend, Brett and Jacob became friends as they competed in cross-country at Central together. As they roomed together at Central and traveled abroad together to Wales their friendship, antics and stories grew exponentially. Known by many names, The Henge continues to provide a source of inspiration and guidance as they travel along the path of life. Brett has recently started a new position as a copywriter/editor at Bluespace Creative in Denison, Iowa.


Lisa Shah
Brita likes to say that she and Lisa met before they were born. Their moms happened to be in the same lamaze class when they were born. They happened to go to the same preschool and then competed together in gymnastics. When they found out they were both going to Iowa State University they decided to be roommates. Lisa is currently studying for her Ph.D. in nursing at the University of Iowa.

Jessie Barrett
Jessie is Brita's cousin. Being just a couple of years apart they played together as kids and have stayed close into adulthood. One of their favorite activities has always been going to the playground, especially Miles Lee Park, swinging on the swings and chatting. As a culinary school graduate Jessie taught Brita several of her favorite recipes, risotto and homemade ravioli, yum! Jessie is a nanny in Des Moines.


Wedding Registry

The couple is registered at the following locations: