Jacob and Brita

Henry turned eleven months today and enjoyed the switch to daylight savings time by sleeping in until 7 a.m. instead of the usual 6 a.m. wake up.

Henry continues to get a personality. He knows what he wants and will let you know if he isn’t getting it or you are taking it away. He has also learned to stand on his own, although it isn’t for long periods of time it is long enough for us to be pretty excited.

Some of Henry’s favorite things to do include rocking in his rocking chair, walking with his push cart and crawling around to find Dad. He really like bananas, Cheerios and pickles. He’s not such a fan of applesauce for some reason. He also likes to play the “shark game” where we make the Jaws sound and he giggles uncontrollably.

Sometimes the simple things are the highlight of the day.

Henry turned ten months today. It was an unseasonably warm February day here and so we got out the stroller and went for a walk.

Now that Henry is ten months, he is just on the verge of walking. He will toddle around holding on to our fingers. He is an expert crawler and cruises around the furniture without any problems. He is really enjoying all of the foods he has been trying. His favorites are still the sweet potatoes and squash but we’ve tried everything from pears and bananas to Cheerios.

Some of his other favorite things to do include signing for different things he wants. He can do “eat” and “milk” pretty consistently. He also can do “more” but that comes and goes with his mood. He also seems to like the color yellow since his favorite toys all seems to be that color.

Henry also had a nine month checkup last week. The doc gave him a clean bill of health. Henry then proceeded to get sick that afternoon. He is in the 61st percentile for height but only the tenth percentile for weight. Tall and skinny isn’t so bad we think.

Henry turned nine months today and was really excited to get his picture taken. There were lots of smiles and giggles has he continues to keep us on our toes. Perhaps it was the first full night of sleep he had last night that made him so happy.

Some of Henry’s favorite things to do include riding on the scooter that Grandpa gave him, riding on Mom and Dad’s shoulders around the house and rolling the ball back and forth. He has figured out how to toddle around while holding on to things like the little table in our living room. Henry also continues to find the only things in a room that he isn’t supposed to have and goes straight for them with a big grin on his face.

Henry is also making progress in the eating department and exploring new foods. He is able to feed himself little puffed cereal, rice crackers and avocado. He still likes his bottles the best but, he can sure make a bib messy in short order.

While we have all been trying keep our New Years resolutions, Henry has been picking up new skills as well. Today at daycare, he did a little painting and provided us his first piece of artwork for the fridge. 

Henry made Santa’s nice list this year and got to open a few presents on Christmas morning. While Santa didn’t bring him a lot, Henry was happy with everything.

Henry was most excited about the scooter that Jacob’s Dad brought him and even enjoyed some giggles while riding on it. He also was excited to inherit some of Jacob’s toys including the racecar that Jacob played with for many years. There were also a lot of other goodies including a package of randomly sized balls for him to play with and some fun books to read.

Henry will also be one of the best dressed kids at daycare with all of the new clothes he got. Mom and Dad are probably more excited about the clothes since Henry is growing out of all of his existing outfits.

Henry made it through the Christmas Eve festivities with no trouble today. Brita and Henry made the trip to Huxley to see the extended family while Jacob stayed home sick. After all of the fun, they returned just in time for Jacob’s father and sister to join them all for Christmas Eve services.

Henry endured the annual Christmas photo pretty well. While there weren’t a ton of smiles, there were no tears. Perhaps he is just apprehensive about Santa visiting him tonight.


Henry had a follow-up for to his surgery in Iowa City today. The doctor reports that everything is well and we don’t need to come back and see him which is great news.

While we are in Iowa City, we stopped by the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Henry was most excited to meet St. Nick though and he even smiled just long enough for us to snap a photo of the two of them. We can also report that there were no tears shed when we took the photo.

Henry had is eight month birthday today. He is growing so fast and is becoming ornery just like his father. Luckily he has made major strides in the sleeping department and is only up once or twice a night.

Henry’s favorite things include playing peek-a-boo with Dad, crawling everywhere and pulling himself up on the furniture to bounce and swinging in the swing grandpa gave him. He’s getting quite the appetite and enjoys his squash and sweet potatoes the most of all of the veggies he’s tried. He really enjoys chasing Mom around the living room and giggling the whole time.

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