Jacob and Brita
2014 Dirty Wooden Shoe

Jacob has been the race director for the Dirty Wooden Shoe cyclocross race for the past six years and he did it again this year. The race has grown from just a handful of racers to an event that hosts over a 100 racers and spans two days. He had an extra challenge this year in that it was also the home football opener at Central at the same time he was hosting the race. That made for a full Saturday with the bike race and the football game.

Jacob did get a chance to race on Sunday though and did okay. Brita helped run registration (and buy safety pins, print drink tickets and a ton of other little projects) since it is all hands on deck to make the race happen. Overall it seemed to be a successful race and everyone enjoyed themselves despite all of the hard work. Jacob even had some time to take some photos and video:

You can see the photos here.


Labor Day weekend has always been a nice time to catch our breath before we get into a busy fall season. This year was no different.

We went to Burlington on Saturday to run some errands. Jacob needed to pick up some wheels and some other supplies from a bike shop there. While we made the trip we figured it would be nice to explore the town a little.

We drove down Snake Alley which is a really crooked street. We also took some time to have lunch on the river and enjoy the last of the really hot weather. It was a nice getaway that was still relatively close.

With a nice weekend of relaxation, we are both looking forward to a busy fall.


Jacob celebrated another birthday today. It was mostly I eventful which is the way he seems to like it.

I made cupcakes for him and even put on those tricky candles that you can’t blow out. He was most excited about selecting the sprinkles for the top of his cupcakes.

Palooza Cross 2014

Jacob kicked off his fall cyclocross campaign today with a race in Altoona. It is about a month before the real season starts but gives all the racers a good idea of what areas they need to work on for the upcoming season.

We had a bunch of rain move through the morning of the race so it was a little muddy so that made things a bit more interesting. It looked like everyone had fun playing in the mud though.

High Trestle Trail

It was pretty low-key in Pella this weekend so we headed up to the high trestle trail. We started in Slater and rode to “the bridge” that was just past Madrid. It turned out to be 20 miles which was a bit far for Brita. She had a little help on the way back and made it all the way home in one piece.

Brita also started her job this past week. She’s looking forward to heading out to the schools and meeting the teachers she will be working with.



We headed over to Omaha this past weekend since Jacob was registered for WordCamp Omaha. WordCamp is a conference for WordPress users and developers and they are spread out around the country to help people learn more about the platform. There wasn’t anything particularly ground breaking  at the conference but it was nice to meet people and see how they are using WordPress.

Brita spent the day shopping while Jacob was learning. We then enjoyed a nice meal at a local brewery in the Old Market area and checked out the waterfront. It was an enjoyable getaway before we both get into a busy fall.


We joined some friends over in Indianola to watch the hot air balloons last night. We’ve both heard about the balloon festival but didn’t really know what to expect. It was quite relaxing watching the balloons float over us and try hit a big red “x” with a beanbag. The perfect weather didn’t hurt either.


As we came up on our one year anniversary, we decided to squeze in a honeymoon. Here’s a little video of all of the fun we had: